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Fun & Fit Program

This program is being used in classes beginning at the Dynamint level (about 4 years and older) and up through the school age classes for boys and girls. This program will give you feedback on some of the things your child is learning.

Throughout the semester your child will be practicing and reviewing the skills from the posters along with other activities and drills that will help them get stronger, improve coordination, balance and more. Students’ progress is marked with a star for each skill learned. All students are individuals and progress at different rates. While most students will be able to learn and perform the skills from one level in about one term (3-4 months) this is not to say that some students will take longer to accomplish certain skills and others will learn them more quickly. Plus remember that our summer term is much shorter than our fall or spring term therefore many students will not learn all the skills in that short period of time.

How it works:

  • Students will be given a 'take-home' poster when they begin the first time. (usually the 2nd or third class) Continuing students may have already received a poster in the previous term. Save these at home! These posters show a list of skills on various events and follow a preset curriculum. Students will be given 'star stickers' to place on the poster at home to show which skills they have passed.
  • A skill is 'passed' when a student can perform it correctly 3 times in a row. Teachers keep individual student charts and record when they introduce skills and when a student passes a skill.
  • "Star" week. At just before 'mid-term' and again just before the end of a term the teachers will fill out a list of skills your child has passed and prepare an envelope with ‘stars’ for the poster at home. Each skill has a corresponding number so it should be easy to identify where to put the stars on the poster you keep at home.
  • Finally, when a student has passed all the skills on a poster, we will take a picture of them with their current teacher. These are sent home to place on the poster.

If a student is absent he/she can get their envelope at the next class. Students joining class mid-term may have a week or two before stars will be given, depending on the class level and size of the group.