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Fitnastics Program

The Fitnastics program was coordinated by USA Gymnastics and is part of a national program to help combat the growing trend of sedentary lifestyles in children that leads to obesity in America today.

Currently in America, 25 percent of children are considered overweight or obese. Furthermore, over 70 percent of girls and 40 percent of young boys do not have the muscle strength to do even on pull up. The Fitnastics program was created as a way to promote an active lifestyle for children by showing that that exercise can be fun.

Fitnastics is unique from other fitness programs for children because its success is measured by the effort of the child rather than by the child’s ability to reach a standard performance goal. The program can be tailored to fit each child’s natural abilities and skills, all while teaching the child about the importance of good nutrition and exercise in a safe environment.

The Fitnastics classes are accompanied by a website full of resources on nutrition and exercise, including scholarly articles, sample exercise routines, and ideas and recipes for healthy meals and snacks. The Racine Gymnastics Boosters and USA Gymnastics feel that the combination of resources and action is key to guiding children on the path to healthy habits.